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Real-time activity

The regularly refreshed real time activity monitoring menu of the JC360 enables to follow the task your colleagues are working on, including the beginning and the end of the tasks, a summary of the weekly and monthly work time.

  • You can also see if they work from home or in the office, and in case of mobile application usage their location is also displayed on a map.

  • Diagrams

    You can see the user's desktop activity: what tasks the users are working on and from where they are logged in.

  • Time sheet

    Quick review of the daily time and task statistics, including desktop or mobile data, inside or outside the office, with productive and unproductive periods.

  • Project tasks

    You can review the progress of the projects, the completion level of the tasks and how much time was logged on them.

  • GPS Positions

    You can see the task linked locations, travels on a map if the user used the mobile application on the given day.

  • Screenshots

    Easily review the desktop activities by the screenshots of the last 20 minutes' work period on the computer.