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Entirely new approach to identify, measure and analyze work time

The times spent on tasks are recorded in progress. Real productivity is measured precisely. Reveals capacity to enhance efficiency.

Unlimited 30-Days Free Trial

How It Works

Switch on application

Just click on it when you start working!

When it is on, the desktop app automatically tracks all your work. You can quickly get started with our suggested settings and customize it later easily, anytime.

Add employees

The more people use it, the deeper insight you gain

You can easily add new users by their e-mail address and they can immediately record working hours assigned to their tasks and projects.

Automatic rules by keywords

Automate time recording effortlessly with keywords

Tracking and mapping working hours with tasks is more accurate when task changes are automated by the rules based on your custom keywords.

Real-time activity

Real time data offers better control over corporate productivity

Receive information in real time to follow how work is getting done in your organization and what tasks and projects your colleagues are working on – all collected on a single site.

Comprehensive report system

Comprehensive reports provide new visibility of all your work flows

Executive reports based on credible data reveal new contexts of corporate operation and allow objective productivity assessments of employees.

Mobile application

Proved in several jobs, positions and work environments

Combined with the mobile applications you can automate precise time assignments and work documentation the same way, inside or outside the office.

Benefits at every level of the organization


For the Executives

Trustworthy insight into the daily operations by intelligent analytics allow executives to switch focus from controlling to the business development and to create more value by optimal operational productivity.

Middle management

Managers and operational leaders

Delegating tasks faster and supervising capacity utilization at-a-glance provide them with improved control and allow immediate correction whenever it is needed.



The reduced distraction allows a more focused work environment. It also supports the introduction of teleworking, flexible hours and to get rid of printed time sheets and manual job administration.

devices running JC360

Watch online in our own web application where our colleagues are and which tasks they are working on.