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Simple and flexible pricing


user / day

The price includes all services, and only the days with registered hours are charged.*

* You can easily establish transparent payments by the working time with the employees, sub-contractors, clients and partner companies as well.

The complete service package:

automatic time tracking

Automated work administration

Intelligent registration of working hours: the times spent on each task is automatically assigned to the appropriate cost center

project management

Project management

Project planning, resource allocation and work time scheduling, central task delegation

online monitoring

Managerial control

Following the progress of tasks and project, controlling statuses, deadlines, planned and remaining times

human resources

HR, telework, flexible work schedule

Manage core times, vacation requests, sick leaves, and breaks in unified system

mobile app

Android & iOS application

Document work related calls and mobile app usage, call durations, field work and travel times can be automatically assigned to tasks and clients


Business analytics

KPI and standard time measures, client or task based cost calculation, productivity and profit analytics, automated reports and employee performance evaluation

system integration

Easy integration

SAP, MS Project, Outlook, Gmail, and interface for any other enterprise system integration

customer relationship management

CRM functions

Manage telephone numbers and phone calls, sort contacts into business categories, assign work tasks (to do list) to clients